Thomas Blackwell Testimonials
Anthony Morrison
Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

“My friend Thomas talks about the vibrational intention of words. You got to have high vibrational words to get a high vibrational response in life. You need to listen to him. Do what he suggests, and you will get better results than you ever expected. He’s been doing it about a decade, and is at the front end of one of the most gracious movements in history. Thomas is on to something incredible, and he will wow your audience with inspiration. You need to invite him to speak at your event.”

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author, #1 NY Times Best Seller Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Winning in any sport comes only after a team puts in countless hours of time and effort on the fundamentals of the game.  Making a free throw under pressure is not easy and attention to details must be followed to be successful.  Countless details must be attended to as a Coach prepares his/her team to compete at the highest levels.  Thomas Blackwell taught my team the importance of not only being prepared physically, but how to prepare mentally.  I believe his motivational insights and positive affirmations propelled us to achievements we would not have thought possible originally.  Thomas will take your organization or team to the pinnacle of perfection.  Thanks Thomas for empowering us to soar with the EAGLES!”

Kenny Smith, Counselor Eastern Arizona College

Watch your language is an extraordinary concept. I recently had a friend who said, “I was so impressed with the person I interviewed the other day! She used a word I didn’t know and I hired her.” People notice what others say. As a college student in this economy, it becomes particularly wise to consider language as a marker of our initial asset to society! After all, “knowledge will forever govern ignorance.” -James Madison

Lindsay Ashby, Johns Hopkins University

My personal life, spiritual Life, and especially my financial life have been greatly impacted because I know Thomas. There are few that will match his humor and his heart felt message. Although he spoke to hundreds of people at a time, his message went straight into my soul and made me better. Not because I was ready to be better, but because he pulled the better person out of me.

Jayson Arter, Entrepreneur

I am so appreciative to Thomas for his insight, words of wisdom, and encouragement. At first I thought I would be reading pretty much the same things I had heard and read over my 35 years in sales. However, Thomas has given the old ideas a fresh twist for me and has enlightened me with new ideas to ponder, and act on.  I have chosen to continue to change my way of speaking. Thank you Thomas.

Lori Mixon, Board of Realtors – President  Okeechobee, FL

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Thomas Blackwell speak a few times now, and he is fantastic!  He weaves a tremendous story as he leads you down the path of changing your language and the impact that will have on your life.  He personal accounts and his own conviction to these principals have been a cornerstone throughout his life, and it is great to see someone who is practicing what he is preaching.  It is unfortunate that this seems to be a rare quality these days, but Thomas is a beacon of hope for changing your language, and thereby changing your own life.  His success in both personal and professional life is not accident…it is by design, and the design is WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE.  Follow his lead; you will be very happy with where he takes you.  I highly recommend his program!”

Darrin Schenck, National Accounts Manager
Horizon Moving Systems

“I am speechless at the power, enthusiasm and energy Thomas speaks
with. I was deeply impacted by his message so much that I have changed
to be a better person when I thought I couldn’t be. Thomas moves your
heart in such a way that there is no choice but to change your life.
Thomas is contagious and his positive energy and sincere emotion will
affect everyone and their friends and family around them. I teach
school and coach swimming; I am in constant need of motivating myself
and my students and athletes around me daily. Its not an easy task
BUT with a simple change in language, kids have responded beyond
believe. Thomas walks the walk and his integrity is what emanates and
creates the change within yourself.”

Brandon Hancock, Teacher & Swim Coach Cottonwood High School

“Thomas Blackwell is one of the most articulate and inspirational speakers I have ever had the privilege to listen to. He has motivated me to excel and reach far beyond what I once thought was my potential. He has the ability to move an audience of thousands from their shallow core beliefs to confidence, courage and outright success. His positive, joyous aura literally lights up a room. I am so grateful to have heard him speak.”

Alex Ramirez, President  ProTenn International

“Thomas is one of the few individuals I’ve ever met who has been able to figure out and successfully implement the laws of success. He is successful in all areas of his life and his ideas are a breath of fresh air. They’re exactly what everyone needs to hear and implement in their lives. I’d recommend him to any individual, audience or organization who seeks to improve their circumstances.”

Matthew Wilson, Entrepreneur

“Before knowing Thomas, I struggled with believing in myself and believing that I deserved to have a better life, even though that was what I wanted. My daily vocabulary was FULL of negative language, connotations and thoughts.
My coaching with Thomas Blackwell has changed my life! Since I started changing my language, things just always seem to work out for me. I have this HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders, and I now have true faith that I will be successful at anything I do. I am conscious of what I am saying, and I immediately think of positive ways to change my words when necessary. This is truly applying “the Secret” in overdrive because it’s not just about saying the words, it’s about internalizing, feeling the things you want to happen, taking action and making them happen. Immediately it was evident that circumstances are changing in my favor.I recommend this to anyone who is serious about making a positive change in their life.”

Melisa Rosalez
Insurance Sales Rep.

“I met Thomas in March of 2008 at a business opportunity meeting. Upon our meeting, I was immediately curious. I thought, “this guy can’t be what I’ve heard he is, he’s too young.” But I was quickly corrected as he began to speak. During that presentation I knew I wanted to be in business with Thomas Blackwell. A week or so later we had a business training meeting at his home. I was on the edge of my seat in a way I’d never been before. Its hard to explain, at the time I felt sold on the business we were in, but now looking back, I realize I was sold on Thomas. I was sold on his ability to coach and mentor me into a whole new state of mind and eventually a whole new state of being. I am privileged to have sat at the feet of Thomas Blackwell.”

Jake Durrant, CEO Morgan Woodruff, Inc.

“When I first met Thomas Blackwell, I was an attendee at a conference that he was speaking at. After listening to him speak and hearing the stories and experiences of his life, as well as some of the struggles and trials that he and his family went through in order to make it, I felt that I was not that different from him. Thomas is someone who you can immediately relate with and feel close to, a friend. I took on an “If he could do it, I could do it” attitude. They say that you become an average of the people that you hang around the most. I wanted to hang around Thomas. I immediately set out to learning as much from him as possible. I began to travel hundreds of miles just to be where he was speaking so I could get that next golden nugget from him to add to my tool belt. One of the greatest phrases that I have heard Thomas say over and over again is this quote from Henry Ford, “Whether you say you can or you can’t, you’re right.” I have adopted this into my business and family life, and it has impacted both tremendously.
If you are reading this, you obviously are interested in attending one of his events. If you haven’t made the decision to attend yet, DO IT!!! It could possibly be one of the best decisions you will ever make. I know it’s been one of the best decisions I ever made, and I have my friend Thomas Blackwell to thank for that.”

Neal Snyder

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