Sample Topics for Keynotes and Company Trainings:


1 – We Bring About What we Talk About

  • The big difference between I Can and I Can’t…if you say so.
  • Whatever we focus on expands.
  • Getting Crystal Clear on what you really want, and watching the world step aside for you.
  • Eliminating doubt, fear, and worry in your vocabulary.
  • The Physical Power of our Words
  • The words that are said when no one is looking.


2 – Instructional, Motivational, Inspirational…The 3 Levels of Effective Speaking and Teaching

  • Defining where we operate currently and how to upgrade to the highest form of teaching and speaking…the Inspirational
  • The Laws of having an Inspirational Company, Team, Organization, and Life.
  • The art of giving and Inspirational presentation in any setting and in any capacity.


3 – The Liberty of Our Language Revealed

  • Environmental language awakening. Change your language, change your environment. Learning the art of the “Language Flip.”.
  • Body Language, Tone, Content, and how they speak louder than words.
  • Power Questions. “If they say it, it’s true. If you say it there might be doubt.”
  • People act how you speak to them.


4 – Performance Pep Talk  (Great for Sales Professionals and Athletes)

  • Learning how to “Flip the Switch,” and “Make it Happen.”
  • “Doing more doing than thinking,” by keeping the language simple.
  • Commitment to Excellence. Overcoming the “Average and Ordinary” Syndrome.
  • Learning the Language of Sincerity, Enthusiasm, and Genuine Interest
  • We Choose our Days, Our Days don’t Choose us. If you don’t plan your day, someone else will.
  • Learning the language of the Emotional Creature. The basis of all major decisions in life.


5 – The Empowering Language and Beliefs of the Successful Entrepreneur

  • Be flexible about How you do things, but inflexible about WHY you do things.
  • Eliminating Distractions, the plague of our society. “Distractions equal Destruction.”
  • Priority Check. What will matter the most 5 years from now?
  • Choose your Love and Love your choice.
  • People Can Change. Taking control of you. Learning Self Mastery.


Change Your Language, Change Your Results!

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